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Our story

We believe the things that make a gin taste as great as ours are the nights, the places and the people you drink it with.

The story

We won’t brag about how smooth our gin is, or our perfectly balanced blend of botanicals. What’s best about GinGin is the sound of your best friend’s laughter, the look she just gave you, closing your laptop, dimmed lights at a smoky bar, the first kiss, the last kiss and everything that is yet to come. GinGin is a celebration of life.

The Distillery

GinGin is a small-batch distillery in Piteå, Sweden. We make handcrafted gin from carefully chosen botanicals to match the balance that we are looking for in our products. Our distillery is located just outside Piteå in an old cellar from 1902.

Johan Gran – Founder & Head distiller

JohanJohan is the founder and head distiller at gingin. Johan always looks for new botanicals and new recipes to upcoming products. In the meantime, Its a constant search to find the next packaging for upcoming products that stand out from the crowd. it’s something that Johan is very passionate about!